Dear Mayta,
          It has been a week since our return...both Jim and I burned numerous reentry tiles as we tried to adjust to time, workload, and catch-ups with friends and family. We still rave about our day in Rome...Jim has printed numerous copies of the Arpaia map...which happily is very readable. We are going to make postcards of it and send to the Arpaia clan as a follow-up to a reunion that we celebrated at our home last year.

Rome shore excursion          Mayta, we loved the day with you...that evening [on the ship] at our dinner table, we heard many complaints from all about what a difficult day they had in Rome...bad weather, long waits in line, and difficult walks to the sites. We didn't want to gloat, but we smiled and told all about you. Back home everyone has heard about Rome and Mayta...they have become synonymous!!!!

          We will talk of our trip for a very long time...with hundreds of share. We've some nice ones of you which we'll email as soon as we figure out how to connect it to our computer. All for now Mayta...I want to say "ci vediamo"... colloquial for see you again...

Take care...will stay in touch...and again mille grazie!!!

                    Rita Arpaia



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